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IJRDPL - Vol 6, Issue 7 (2017), December - January

Pages: 2856-2861

Preparation and evaluation of Maltodextrin based Proniosomes containing Capecitabine

Author: Srikanth1, Y. Anand Kumar *1 and C.MallikarjunaSetty2

Category: Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Maltodextrin based capecitabine proniosomes were fabricated by conventional slurry method with different surfactant: cholesterol molar ratio keeping constant capecitabine and dicetyl phosphate concentration. The fabricated proniosomes were evaluated for FTIR and flow properties. Further proniosomes were hydrated to get desired niosomes and the obtained niosomes were subjected for various evaluation parameters such as entrapment efficiency, in vitro drug release and stability studies as per ICH guidelines. The entrapment efficiency followed the trend, span 80 (C18)> span 20 (C12) as increasing the alkyl chain lengths are leading to higher entrapment efficiency. The in vitro data suggest biphasic drug release, initial burst followed steady state. In all the case, best-fit model was found to be matrix with Peppas exponential value was greater than 0.5 indicating drug released by non Fickian (anomalous) mechanism. The result of investigation demonstrated that proniosomes offers an alternate drug carrier with targeted specificity.

Keywords: Capecitabine, Proniosome, Maltodextrin, Span 80, Span 20

DOI: 10.21276/IJRDPL