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IJRDPL - Vol 6, Issue 7 (2017), December - January

Pages: 2845-2849

Potential Therapeutic use of Streblus asper: A Review

Author: Sachin Neekhra*1, Himani Awasthi 2 and DCP Singh 3

Category: Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Streblus asper (Family: Moraceae) is a small tree which mainly located in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. Generally, it is usually known as Sihor (Hindi), Sheora (Bengali), Pitaphalaka (Sanskrit) and Piraayan (Tamil). The present review thus attempts to observe the ethno-pharmacological information base for targeting of various activities (Anti- cancer activity, Neuro-pharmacology, Anti-filarial Activity and Anti-diabetic activity). This pharmacological validation on Streblus asper is very restricted and Streblus asper used in tribal and folklore with massive potential have not been validated for above activity. This review therefore attempts to link the gaps in the existing literature and offers immense scope for researchers engaged in validation of the traditional claims and development of safe and effective and globally accepted of this plant as a potent therapeutic target. Therefore, this review attempts botany, chemistry and biological use of Streblus asper.

Keywords: Streblus asper, Asperoside, Strebloside, Cardiotonic Activity and Antifilarial Activity

DOI: 10.21276/IJRDPL