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IJRDPL - Vol 6, issue 5 (2017), August - September

Pages: 2740-2747

Cancer: An Overview

Author: Nidhi Tyagi*1, Ganesh N. Sharma1, Birendra Shrivastava1, Nitin Chaudhary2 andNitendraSahu2

Category: Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Cancer is the second leading causes of deaths in western countries after heart disease. In US alone more than one million people are diagnosed with cancer annually and more than half result in death. Cancer is a medical condition where abnormal cells in body divided without any control. Cancers cells do not respond normally to the body’s control mechanism, so they divide excessively and invade the neighboring tissues. Cancer starts when a normal cell is instantly detected by body immune system. However, if the abnormal cells remain at the original site, it will result in the less severe condition termed as benign tumor. Benign tumor can be completely removed by surgery and pose little threat. Malignant tumors have capability to enter the blood stream invading other tissues and disrupting the normal function of various systems in the body. They are difficult to treat may become life threatening. Cancer cells can spread to distinct locations from the original site by a process called metastasis.

Keywords: Cancer, metastasis, benign tumor

DOI: 10.21276/IJRDPL.2278-0238.2017.6(5).2740-2747