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IJRDPL - Vol 6, issue 5 (2017), August - September

Pages: 2732-2739

Medicinal plants: used in Anti-cancer treatment

Author: Nidhi Tyagi*1, Ganesh N. Sharma1, Birendra Shrivastava1, PrasoonSaxena2 and Nitin Kumar2

Category: Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Globally cancer is a disease which severely effects the human population. There is a constant demand for new therapies to treat and prevent this life threatening disease. The plant kingdom produces naturally occurring secondary metabolites which are being investigated for the anticancer activities for the development of new clinical drugs. For many years herbal medicines have been used and are still used in developing countries as the primary source of medical treatment. Plants have been used in the medicine for their natural antiseptic properties. Thus, research has developed into the investigating the potential properties and uses of terrestrial plants extracts for the preparation of potential nanomaterial drugs for diseases including cancer. Many plant species are already being used to treat or prevent development of cancer. This review discusses the demand for naturally derived compounds from medicinal plants and their properties which make them targets for potential anticancer treatments.

Keywords: Anticancer, secondary metabolites

DOI: 10.21276/IJRDPL.2278-0238.2017.6(5).2732-2739