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IJRDPL - Vol 6, issue 2 (2017), February- March

Pages: 2530-2534

Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial and antitubercular activity of Some Pyrazoline derivatives from Chalcones bearing indane-1,3-dione as nucleus

Author: 1* Siddharth S. Desai, V. 2 Girija Sastry, 1 Ashok Malpani and 1 Kishore Singh


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Abstract: A series of phenyl pyrazoline derivatives have been synthesized from chalcones of indane-1,3-dione. The substituted chalcones have already been synthesized and reported by us. The phenyl pyrazoline derivatives were synthesized by condensation of chalcone of indane-1,3-dione with phenyl hydrazine in basic medium in the presence of ethanol. The newly synthesized compounds (7a-f) have been characterized by IR and 1H-NMR Spectroscopy and TLC. The new compounds have been evaluated for their antibacterial, antifungal and antitubercular activities.

Keywords: Chalcones, Phenyl pyrazoline, Microplate Alamar Blue Assay, Antimicrobial activity, Antitubercular activity

DOI: 10.21276/IJRDPL