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IJRDPL - Vol 6, issue 2 (2017), February- March

Pages: 2522-2529

Formulation and Evaluation of Ritonavir Solid Dispersions

Author: P. Swathi and Y. Anand Kumar*


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Abstract: Ritonavir is an anti-retroviral agent used in the treatment of AIDS having lowest water solubility of about 0.01mg/ml, indicates class IV drug biopharmaceutical classification systems, make an objective to study the solubility and dissolution by solid dispersion technique. Ritonavir solid dispersions are prepared using maltodextrin and poloxamer by solvent evaporation and kneading method at 1:1 and 1:3 drug: carrier and were evaluated for drug content, solubility, saturation solubility, FTIR, XRD, DSC and in-vitro dissolution.

Keywords: Solid dispersions, Ritonavir, Maltodextrin, Poloxamer, in-vitro dissolution

DOI: 10.21276/IJRDPL